BaduStream Over-the-Wall Unit

Treadmill swimming is now convenient and economical. The BaduStream Over-the-Wall Unit
provides great exercise and terrific recreational fun for existing pools.


A.  One piece body is molded of a heavy duty polyethylene plastic immune to chemicals and
environmental abuse, to provide a rugged and attractively styled water treadmill.
B.  Square anti-vortex cover provides undetectable pump suction.
C.  Adjustable water flow jet nozzle.
D.  Pneumatic on/off button guarantees complete separation between pool water and pump motor
E.  Air regulator controls amounts of air bubbles in water flow.
F.  Control box with GFCI.
G.  Speck 4 HP self-priming, plastic pump, single phase with thermal overload (no motor starter
H.  Pulsating massage hose can be attached to jet nozzle. (optional)


This unit can be mounted over the wall of most pools with little installation, effort and cost. The
BaduStream Over The Wall has no protruding parts ensuring pool user's safety. This self-contained
unit comes complete with pump, control box, unit-to-control box cable and mounting hardware. It
requires no additional equipment for installation. Just supply pool, water and electricity. Pump and
Control also available in 3 phase. Read all instructions before installing.

Consult your physician before attempting any strenuous exercise.

BaduStream Over-the-Wall, 2309000750 Complete system as described and pictured. $4900.00
BaduStream Over-the-Wall, 2309000950 Three Phase System $5150.00