Ozone Purification Systems by Del Industries


Del Ozone Eclipse
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ECLIPSE 1,2,4               newimg.gif (11099 bytes) ECLIPSE & EXPRESS
  • Corona Discharge system
  • 3 sizes! 1K, 7K, 15K, 25K gals.
  • Ozone Output:
    SPA ECLIPSE: 15scfh; 200ppm; 0.1gr/hr
    ECLIPSE-1: 15scfh; 450ppm; 0.3gr/hr
    ECLIPSE-2: 15scfh; 700ppm; 0.5gr/hr
    ECLIPSE-4: 15scfh; 1,350ppm; 1.0gr/hr


Del Ozone Total Eclipse
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  • Corona Discharge system for new  or existing pools
  • 24 hr ozone production, up to 25K gals.
  • Ozone Output: 5scfh; 1,540ppm; 0.5gr/hr


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