The BaduStream Jet System offers many different packages in a wide price range all aimed at pleasing a variety of exercise styles and budgets.  The system accommodates installation in limited space and varying pool wall designs.

A.  Flush mount jet housing
B.  Square anti-vortex cover provides undetectable pump suction (8 1/4" x 8 1/4")
C.  Adjustable water flow jet nozzle.
D.  Air regulator controls amounts of air bubbles in water flow.
E.  Control box with GFCI.
F.  Speck 4 HP or 3.5 HP self-priming, plastic pump, single phase with thermal overload (no motor starter
G.  Pulsating massage hose can be attached to jet nozzle. (optional)


The BaduStream is normally incorporated into the original pool desing, but it can be added to any pool at a later date.  It has no protruding parts ensuring pool users' safety.  Very compact, installs at minimum cost.  All combinations include control box with air button and 50 ft air tubing.  4" or 3" plumbing is required depending upon package chosen.  Read all instructions before installing.

Consult your physician before attempting any strenuous exercise.

2308000042 Complete Two Jet Sytem, 4 HP pump $3850
2308000040 Complete One Jet System, 4 HP pump $3260
2308000030 Complete One Jet System, 3.5 HP pump $3260
2308000046 Complete Three Jet System with two 4 HP pumps. $6900